Sunday, August 03, 2008

Southampton ArtVaults


One of the benefits of staying in the UK is the high appreciation they show towards art. Besides the countless well maintained galleries, the latest event in Southampton is another testimony to it. It is called ArtVaults and is a combination of art in Southampton's medieval vaults and structures.

I am very lucky as I live very nearby to most of the sites included in the exhibition. I have to cut my trip short today due to bad weather conditions and I am scheduled to fly off later today. Well, here are some pictures I manage to take.

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Regeneration and Replication: Series One

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Another View of Regeneration and Replication: Series One

"Do Not Rush, Take Cover Quietly, The Others Will Do The Same" was the other piece of work I get to view.

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Hidden In A Corner

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Stencil Images of WWII Illuminated

The thing that interested me most of the exhibition is the opportunity to enter vaults that are usually non accessible by public. I plan to finish other displays during a upcoming free weekend. The event runs until 21st September 2008 and entry is totally free.

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