Sunday, August 31, 2008

Keep Your Windows Media Player Above All

Woke up early this morning as usual and my list of back log blog post is growing as ever. Today is Malaysia’s National Day! (Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!)

Since yesterday, I have been watching movies on my laptop back to back, In Bruges (Dark Comedy and I have been there), The Love Guru (Sorry Justin Timberlake, but you just can’t act!), Baby Mama (poor acting as well), Batman Begins (I love Dark Knight which is the reason I watch this) and then this morning Son Of Rambow (Something different). I watched these movies while I was developing my web pages. I discovered a setting within Windows Media Player which will allow your player window to stay in front of everything else. Go to the options and tick the box as highlighted in the screenshot below:

Free Image Hosting

This is a good discovery for me as it allows me to do more at the same time and I do not necessarily want to watch a full movie without being able to other tasks on my machine. This is another testimony that I can indeed multitask to those sceptics out there :)

Enjoy what is remaining of your weekend!

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