Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Gazed Into The Eyes Of Mona Lisa

How can I be in Paris without visiting its most popular resident. To me, it is almost close to an insult if I were to arrive without paying a courtesy visit to Mona Lisa.

The common review I hear was that her painting was very small but I think it is of a decent size. I am now questioning the authencity of the painting behind the glass, the original one could be stored away from public with the one on display being simply a remake as a decoy. No, I am not starting a Da Vinci theory or conspiracy of some sort but who knows!!!

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Gosh, look at my eye bag. This picture was taken on Song Yia's new camera.

As I gazed looking at the potrait, I keep wondering on whether is the painting overrated but that is art for you. There are some who questions the gender of the person in the picture, being included in the conspiracy theories and countless more speculations. The good thing is I am sure it will continue to capture our minds for many years to come.

The painting is located at the famous Musée du Louvre. Entry and Fast Track is included with the Paris Pass.

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