Friday, August 08, 2008


Just got back from London after a late night for a farewell dinner. I am feeling tired but yet can't sleep because I had a calling with what I want to do and achieve in my day to day progressions. I will speak out for those who have been pushed aside, ignored and manipulated due to the arrogance of a selective group. This will not interupt my day to day ethics but it is something that I will carry on my shoulders. Apologies if this post sounds a bit too negative but I have just reached my limit with the collective actions.

On a lighter side, my caring ex boss is leaving the company and it was a great dinner at Asia De Cuba in London. The food was great and people attended was amazing. It makes me feel thankful and fortunate to be working with such a great bunch of people.

Well, I instantly feel better after this blog post. Works just like therapy. I will be going in the office early tomorrow to finish up some tasks before my departure to Paris for a short weekend trip/break. Will update everyone on my adventure.

Take care.

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