Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Quiet Evening

I am glad to be back home this evening. I experience another cancelled flight earlier this week on my return from Paris which saw me arriving in Birmingham instead and being sent to Southampton on a coach at 3.00 a.m. on Tuesday. You see, budget airlines are alright so long as everything goes alright. If there are cancellations or something goes wrong, you are screwed. The good thing is that I am alive and kicking.

I have been in London for the past three days this week. I love the London office very much due to the colleague I have around and also it holds a very significant place in my heart. I grew so much from my experiences working in the head office. A next chapter will begin shortly I hope as I just found out that it is green light for me to apply for my Hamburg work permit in the embassy in London.

I am also now addicted to the photo upload tool in facebook and have been adding countless of pictures on it. It is so straight forward to use. Here are a random selection of photo albums that I have created:




Amazing stuff!

Don't intend to be too wordy on this post as my eyes are now half open... Well good nite!

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