Sunday, August 31, 2008

Keep Your Windows Media Player Above All

Woke up early this morning as usual and my list of back log blog post is growing as ever. Today is Malaysia’s National Day! (Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!)

Since yesterday, I have been watching movies on my laptop back to back, In Bruges (Dark Comedy and I have been there), The Love Guru (Sorry Justin Timberlake, but you just can’t act!), Baby Mama (poor acting as well), Batman Begins (I love Dark Knight which is the reason I watch this) and then this morning Son Of Rambow (Something different). I watched these movies while I was developing my web pages. I discovered a setting within Windows Media Player which will allow your player window to stay in front of everything else. Go to the options and tick the box as highlighted in the screenshot below:

Free Image Hosting

This is a good discovery for me as it allows me to do more at the same time and I do not necessarily want to watch a full movie without being able to other tasks on my machine. This is another testimony that I can indeed multitask to those sceptics out there :)

Enjoy what is remaining of your weekend!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

If I Were To Rob The Bank

Left a bit inspired from the movie The Bank Job (criminal minds are brilliant!), I was wondering how much I can grab of the bank if I was ever to go down the road of such activities.

Thanks to this cool mini site quiz of ten questions, the answer was as following:

"Based on this highly un-scientific study into your criminal mind, we estimate that it would be possible for you to carry..."


Quiz brought to you by

Well, the series of questions are just damn amusing and funny. Click here to go ahead and test your criminal instincts.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Gazed Into The Eyes Of Mona Lisa

How can I be in Paris without visiting its most popular resident. To me, it is almost close to an insult if I were to arrive without paying a courtesy visit to Mona Lisa.

The common review I hear was that her painting was very small but I think it is of a decent size. I am now questioning the authencity of the painting behind the glass, the original one could be stored away from public with the one on display being simply a remake as a decoy. No, I am not starting a Da Vinci theory or conspiracy of some sort but who knows!!!

Free Image Hosting

Gosh, look at my eye bag. This picture was taken on Song Yia's new camera.

As I gazed looking at the potrait, I keep wondering on whether is the painting overrated but that is art for you. There are some who questions the gender of the person in the picture, being included in the conspiracy theories and countless more speculations. The good thing is I am sure it will continue to capture our minds for many years to come.

The painting is located at the famous Musée du Louvre. Entry and Fast Track is included with the Paris Pass.

Monday, August 18, 2008

So Many Boobies in One Night!

Moulin Rouge
The Iconic Windmill

So I was at Moulin Rouge on the first evening I was in Paris last week. This was largely thanks to Song Yia or I would have never researched it. (Although being a fan of Nicole Kidman in the Baz Luhrmann’s Musical Epic) We attended the late evening show at 11.00 p.m. Despite making reservations, do expect to queue as the many others who did. There is also a dress code which was not strictly enforced but it will be a great shame to be refused entry. So, if you have made all the effort to get there, why not the extra mile. It also quench my voyeur thirst through looking how the many other patrons dressed up. I was judging everyone which I am pretty sure I am victim of as well.

Soundtrack Of The Movie: Lady Marmalade

Upon entering, we were give seats located right next to the stage which was premium view for me as it is often that the performers costume will brush through my hair giving you the personal touch and not to mention the close proximity. It is a shame though that you can’t view the whole stage from that angle but it was full house, so we did not have many options to relocate.

Can Can
In The Pathway Leading To The Theatre

The costumes were elaborate and the best I have seen so far but the show we saw at Alcatraz in Pattaya, Thailand can match it but was smaller in scale. From where I was seated, I could see thru the gaps of the curtains to the back stage which was the dressing room and also get a sneak preview of what is next.

The Doriss Girls
French Can Can As The Said On The Neon Light

It was not all just dancers in the two hour evening show, it was more of a variety show with Acrobats, Comedy and a Ventriloquist. Your entry fee also includes half bottle of Champagne.

The performers include guys which can do the split and kick very high. The girls seem to be quite consistent in size and there were selected ones which were not topless throughout the show. They did not allow cameras into the theatre and no recording of any sort was permitted for obvious reasons. Click here to go to their official website to get a trailer!

None of the many dancers came out to take pictures in their costumes.

As a summary, it was certainly an experience to be at the Moulin Rouge. There were various reviews in both extreme and you can call it overrated or worth every penny. If you ever have the chance, I invite you to experience it for yourself. Their official website will have all the necessary details to book yourself in.

If you are planning a trip to Paris, may I suggest you get the Paris Pass which provides you entry to the main tourist attractions and also the opportunity to cut queues.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Site Alert:

Improve your vocab and reduce hunger at the sametime. No joke! Check out:

Help end world hunger

I am sharing this page out of good intention and am not 100% sure of the credibility of it but why not if it helps!


Friday, August 15, 2008

I Was Rich And I Did Not Knew About It!

Today, I was being told that I have duplicate pay from Malaysia and also in the UK. I instantly saw $$$ in my eyes and the funny thing was it has been happening for 6 months now. I off course will be required to do the right thing with paying back the amount.

Looking at the matter, I should have taken the lump sum, invested it and pocket the interest. Too late for that now :(

Well, this demonstrates how careless I was for not keeping a close eye on my bank account. Will keep a close eye from now on! Lesson learned!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Quiet Evening

I am glad to be back home this evening. I experience another cancelled flight earlier this week on my return from Paris which saw me arriving in Birmingham instead and being sent to Southampton on a coach at 3.00 a.m. on Tuesday. You see, budget airlines are alright so long as everything goes alright. If there are cancellations or something goes wrong, you are screwed. The good thing is that I am alive and kicking.

I have been in London for the past three days this week. I love the London office very much due to the colleague I have around and also it holds a very significant place in my heart. I grew so much from my experiences working in the head office. A next chapter will begin shortly I hope as I just found out that it is green light for me to apply for my Hamburg work permit in the embassy in London.

I am also now addicted to the photo upload tool in facebook and have been adding countless of pictures on it. It is so straight forward to use. Here are a random selection of photo albums that I have created:




Amazing stuff!

Don't intend to be too wordy on this post as my eyes are now half open... Well good nite!

Friday, August 08, 2008


Just got back from London after a late night for a farewell dinner. I am feeling tired but yet can't sleep because I had a calling with what I want to do and achieve in my day to day progressions. I will speak out for those who have been pushed aside, ignored and manipulated due to the arrogance of a selective group. This will not interupt my day to day ethics but it is something that I will carry on my shoulders. Apologies if this post sounds a bit too negative but I have just reached my limit with the collective actions.

On a lighter side, my caring ex boss is leaving the company and it was a great dinner at Asia De Cuba in London. The food was great and people attended was amazing. It makes me feel thankful and fortunate to be working with such a great bunch of people.

Well, I instantly feel better after this blog post. Works just like therapy. I will be going in the office early tomorrow to finish up some tasks before my departure to Paris for a short weekend trip/break. Will update everyone on my adventure.

Take care.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Southampton ArtVaults


One of the benefits of staying in the UK is the high appreciation they show towards art. Besides the countless well maintained galleries, the latest event in Southampton is another testimony to it. It is called ArtVaults and is a combination of art in Southampton's medieval vaults and structures.

I am very lucky as I live very nearby to most of the sites included in the exhibition. I have to cut my trip short today due to bad weather conditions and I am scheduled to fly off later today. Well, here are some pictures I manage to take.

Image Hosted by
Regeneration and Replication: Series One

Image Hosted by
Another View of Regeneration and Replication: Series One

"Do Not Rush, Take Cover Quietly, The Others Will Do The Same" was the other piece of work I get to view.

Image Hosted by
Hidden In A Corner

Image Hosted by
Stencil Images of WWII Illuminated

The thing that interested me most of the exhibition is the opportunity to enter vaults that are usually non accessible by public. I plan to finish other displays during a upcoming free weekend. The event runs until 21st September 2008 and entry is totally free.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

My Return To Winchester

We braved the rain today to make our way to Winchester. You might remember my trip there last time with my colleagues but this time I was there with my sister. The original plan was to go to Calshot Castle but the irregular bus and bad weather influenced the change of plans.

Roughly fifty minutes via the bumpy double decker bus ride on the BlueStar Bus No 1, we found ourselves in the city center of Winchester. We did the most obvious thing by visiting the Great Hall to view the legendary King Arthur's Round Table.

King Arthurs Table
King Arthur's Round Table

This return trip turn out to be interesting when I visited the City Museum. We were randomly approached by the curator which invited us to meet him downstairs to access the usually locked tobacco store.

Front Of The Store
The Tobacco Store

I learned something new today that this store was moved from its original spot when the owner has passed away. The furniture and stock was carefully relocated to the ground floor of the museum. The below picture shows the store in the original spot.

Antique Photo
Undated Photo Of The Original Store

I took ages browsing through the contents of the shelf which had tons of tobacco brands. I even managed to squeeze in a quick photo opportunity as the store keeper.

Me As A Trader
How Can I Help You?

Next to the museum is the compound of the cathedral. It is nice to see the whole facade of the building without being obstructed with preservation works like when I was previously there.

Winchester Cathedral
Winchester Cathedral

After lunch, we decided to walk towards a statue we can see at the other end of the high street. It was King Alfred The Great standing proudly overlooking the city that he restored and made the capital.

King Alfred
King Alfred and Me Resting My Sore Feet

There was a very nice park located next to the street and a mill just after the statue. We continued on with taking a stroll along a stream and eventually called it a day.

That's all from me now. Till my next post, take it easy!


Friday, August 01, 2008

Name On The Door

When I arrive back in the office at Southampton after being away for weeks, I was welcomed with a sign of my name on the door. It took a while as I remembered Matt requesting it way back ago but believe it was in line with the upgrade of all signs.

My name

It is a shame though as in a matter of months if all the arrangements go well, they will need to take it down as I will be leaving the Southampton office for my next great adventure in Hamburg. If you haven't known, I will be switching roles which will require me to be based out of Hamburg. I enjoyed my time in Southampton and I will carry with myself many loving memories of this place.

Well, that's all I feel like saying for the moment!