Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Two Days Since I Am Back

Today is the second full day that I am back in the KL office. The ordeal of my longest journey home is still at the back of my head as the experience was certainly unmatched and I do not know whether to consider myself fortunate or not.

Well, the best thing is that I have arrived safely and am able to drive to work. Well, looking back on the Saturday morning where my replacement flight was scheduled to take off, I was stop at security control because of a metal piece that I was carrying in my hand luggage. This lead to my bag being open up for inspection which is the usual drill. I had to empty all the stuff out from my bag.

The polite lady that was on duty took a swab on my bag and later on, place the cloth that made contact with the inner part of my bag into this sophisticated looking machine and the alarm went off. This caught unecessary attention from her colleagues and other passangers. To confirm it, she repeated the process under the instruction of her supervisor and yet no luck on my side. This lead to my curiousity whereby I questioned what was going on. She kindly show me the receipt briefly of what was printed out of the machine. Apparently my bag has a chemical substance that is used to make explosives. Wow! So now I am terrorists. Well, the ordeal carried on when a senior staff instructed her to use an alternative device which was within my view producing the same results.

I was requested to hand over my travel documents and told to wait. I insisted that I can't wait because I really want to get home after not being able to the day before. He was very apologetic and explained to me that it is a security measure. I was not pushy at all and did what I was asked to.

The officer that took a swab on my bag was then requested to wash her hands before doing a final swab on my bag and the results came out ok. Phew! What a relief.

It was then time for my interview whereby they were asking whether I used any make up as apparently some make up can trigger the alarm. The funny thing was that he was asking in a non offensive and discriminating way. Very proffesional I would say but amusing. The answer was obvious.

Then a senior security arrive after being paged through the walkie talkie. He looked at me and then apologize for the inconvenience caused and allowed some paperwork to be signed which will allow me to proceed on with my journey. I suspect the senior security staff was expecting an Osama look alike but no luck for him.

We then waited about over an hour before we were allowed to board the plane and it was announced that we will no longer be taking off on time due to a mismatch of the passengers on board with the list they have. The plane finally took off at about 2.00 o'clock after a close to two hours wait in the plane.

Well, all that I can say is that it was more than I bargained for and the next experience I want to have on board is to be upgraded to first class for free!

That's all for now!



Pete said...

Although inconvenienced, you should think of it this way: Isn't it worth being troubled by a few of these inconveniences every so often, even if the process could only catch one single terrorist who could potentially bring down a whole plane filled with passengers?

Go security guards :)

bennyong said...

Totally agree with you Pete and the security officers were only doing their job. The whole experience of a plane being grounded and taking off more than 24 hours later is an ordeal and I thought it was never going to end. :)

Pete said...

Yeah you've definitely taken on a big one... you should make sure you get paid by your boss for that day as if you were working!