Monday, July 28, 2008

MH is Malaysian Hospitality

More than a Airline Code it says on the top left hand corner of my boarding pass. Two weeks have passed since my return to Malaysia and now I am ready and set to go back to the UK. I have to admit that I miss my desk in the office and it won't be long till I bid farewell to it for my move to Germany. I am excited about the upcoming changes in my life and there are so much learning awaiting me. Hopefully, this will bring me to another level and be a fast track pass to my personal and career growth.

Seating at the lounge here awaiting my flight with my sister, I felt guilty as I am not present whenever there is a conversation. It seems like I have a lot in my mind but in reality it seems to be otherwise. Maybe I am just reflecting on the points and flip charts I saw when I attended the review session of Money & You during the weekend which I hold so dearly to my heart.

Regardless, I am excited to be heading back and starting a hand over of my existing tasks to a counterpart which is taking over the role. She will be seated next to me during the flight and has to live with the fact of my dull conversations and work related discussions for as long as I am awake. Maybe if I am lucky, I will bore myself to sleep.

Upon closing my eyes briefly, I can see an image of me walking to ASDA to shop for dinner tonight. Although time seems to be passing by slowly, I am sure within a wink of an eye, I will be back in my comfortable apartment in Southampton and be reading back this blog post.

That's all for me now while I get myself prepared to indulge in the food available in the lounge and also await the phone call of my peer which just rang a couple of minutes ago letting me know of her arrival.

Take care. :)

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