Thursday, July 17, 2008

Delayed Jet Lag

It is almost 3.00 in the morning and I can't get no sleep! The funny thing is I thought I have got rid of my jet lag since day 1 after I slept normal hours but it does not seem to be the case today. Is there such thing as a delayed Jet Lag syndrome of some sort whereby the effects are only felt days later such as what I am experiencing now. You might suggest for me to lay in bed and start counting sheeps which I am seriously planning to do after I finish this blog.

Ever since I am back, I feel like I am working endless hours and the mails just keep coming in towards later of the night because of the vast time difference between Europe and Malaysia. Well, I guess it is the price to pay for wanting to return home on work. Looking back, it never bothers me to work those additional hours as I was alone in Southampton but being back home with family is different. I have to admit that some stuff can wait but it is just in my nature to action everything that comes over the soonest I get my hands on it.

I have turned off all my equipment of communications this evening as I felt like I finally had enough for a week. Not too sure if I am having redrawal syndrome as I am tempted to switch them on again to catch up with my mails.

It is a learning curve I guess and don't get me wrong because I am not complaining but just expressing my thoughts at the moment. I can only imagine the amount of personal time and sacrifices that my superiors do with their amount of responsibilities and accountabilities. Maybe I will be like them one day and should count my blessings at the moment.

That's all for me now and let me try getting some shut eye time.

Take care!

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