Friday, July 11, 2008

A Lonely Night In Heathrow

Here I am spending the night at The Radissons in Heathrow after my flight today was grounded. Well, I am thankful that some engineer or technician discovered the fault. Although I was meant to take off at noon, it was three hours later before we were told that the flight will only be able to take off the following day at ten and we will be checked in accordingly to our hotels.

The arrangements and coordination from moving us from the airport to the hotel was very messy. Anyone with duty free items had to leave it behind for safe keeping and are not allowed to leave the terminal. We were all over the places and felt like refugees as we went through different pass ways of the terminal building. It is also the first time I can pass through the immigration officers like an EU citizen as all they wanted is to verify that I am the holder of the passport. So there was no stamp and no landing card to be filled in.

When we arrive at the hotel, we were made to queue at the lobby before being told that the arrangements have only been made for the crew which was seated in a corner at the lobby. I am dissapointed that upon discovery of such a mistake, none of the crew even came to speak to the stranded passangers to calm them down. MH for Malaysian Hospitality as they would say and I am like yea right! If I was a the captain of the plane, I would have instructed my crew to speak to the passengers and waited for them to check in before dissapearing the instance I got a room. If anyone from MAS is reading this, this is the MH flight that was meant to depart at noon from Heathrow on 11th July 2008!

Well, we finally got our rooms after being given mixed instructions. It was a bit funny as we could see manual lists being compiled instead of them using a centralized one that could have been easily pulled out from their records.

No further communications about meals and things were given. With this in advantage, I happily help myself to the mini bar in the room. It was soon before a message was delivered through our TV screen informing us of our departure time the following day and where to have our dinner and breakfast.

I do not know what the statistics are of a plane being grounded and do not know whether I am lucky or not. I am pretty sure that it is all for the right reasons. Although I will be losing a day to spend with my family back home in KL, arriving safely home is all that matters.

Well, that's all from me now I guess. I am heading off to dinner by myself.. sob sob....

Will communicate the soonest I get a chance to with the pictures of my room to share.



Song Yia said...

Look at it as a one in the lifetime experience. Also its better to be safe than sorry. They must be facing some serious technical issues.

bennyong said...

No arguements that is was certainly an experience of a lifetime.