Thursday, July 31, 2008

How Much Is Your Soul Worth

Another fun quiz to evaluate the value of your soul by answering a series of questions from the devil himself. Have fun!

$452,550 Soul Dollars

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What is the conversation rate of soul dollars? Anyone?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Sister Is Here!

Yay! My sister is here visiting me for a week. I will have someone to tidy up the apartment and can also expect to have home cooked food for dinner.


I use to live with my sister for roughly two years in London and those were great times! Just like the old days!


Monday, July 28, 2008

MH is Malaysian Hospitality

More than a Airline Code it says on the top left hand corner of my boarding pass. Two weeks have passed since my return to Malaysia and now I am ready and set to go back to the UK. I have to admit that I miss my desk in the office and it won't be long till I bid farewell to it for my move to Germany. I am excited about the upcoming changes in my life and there are so much learning awaiting me. Hopefully, this will bring me to another level and be a fast track pass to my personal and career growth.

Seating at the lounge here awaiting my flight with my sister, I felt guilty as I am not present whenever there is a conversation. It seems like I have a lot in my mind but in reality it seems to be otherwise. Maybe I am just reflecting on the points and flip charts I saw when I attended the review session of Money & You during the weekend which I hold so dearly to my heart.

Regardless, I am excited to be heading back and starting a hand over of my existing tasks to a counterpart which is taking over the role. She will be seated next to me during the flight and has to live with the fact of my dull conversations and work related discussions for as long as I am awake. Maybe if I am lucky, I will bore myself to sleep.

Upon closing my eyes briefly, I can see an image of me walking to ASDA to shop for dinner tonight. Although time seems to be passing by slowly, I am sure within a wink of an eye, I will be back in my comfortable apartment in Southampton and be reading back this blog post.

That's all for me now while I get myself prepared to indulge in the food available in the lounge and also await the phone call of my peer which just rang a couple of minutes ago letting me know of her arrival.

Take care. :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Time For Some Campaigning

Well, to lighten the mood and also prevent the gaps between posts, I have decided to customize this content from It is about all the fuss that the election in the states is causing.

Send a JibJab Sendables® eCard Today!

Well, my page also needs some campaigning as it is suffering tremendous blows to the visitors counts due to my irregular postings recently. Let me see if I can pledge to be more active and consistent with my postings.

That's all from me now.

Bye for now!


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Here In My Home

Just got home from watching Hellboy 2 at Cineleisure and can't wait to share this video with all of you. I stumbled upon this video while doing one of my random surfs. It is a non profit project by a group of Malaysian celebrities in the effort to spread the message of peace and unity in the country.

The song has a good chorus I would say and speaks for itself. To read more about the project and the people involved, go to the official website. There are tons of free downloads available on the site ranging from videos to different versions of the tracks.

free download



Thursday, July 17, 2008

Delayed Jet Lag

It is almost 3.00 in the morning and I can't get no sleep! The funny thing is I thought I have got rid of my jet lag since day 1 after I slept normal hours but it does not seem to be the case today. Is there such thing as a delayed Jet Lag syndrome of some sort whereby the effects are only felt days later such as what I am experiencing now. You might suggest for me to lay in bed and start counting sheeps which I am seriously planning to do after I finish this blog.

Ever since I am back, I feel like I am working endless hours and the mails just keep coming in towards later of the night because of the vast time difference between Europe and Malaysia. Well, I guess it is the price to pay for wanting to return home on work. Looking back, it never bothers me to work those additional hours as I was alone in Southampton but being back home with family is different. I have to admit that some stuff can wait but it is just in my nature to action everything that comes over the soonest I get my hands on it.

I have turned off all my equipment of communications this evening as I felt like I finally had enough for a week. Not too sure if I am having redrawal syndrome as I am tempted to switch them on again to catch up with my mails.

It is a learning curve I guess and don't get me wrong because I am not complaining but just expressing my thoughts at the moment. I can only imagine the amount of personal time and sacrifices that my superiors do with their amount of responsibilities and accountabilities. Maybe I will be like them one day and should count my blessings at the moment.

That's all for me now and let me try getting some shut eye time.

Take care!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Two Days Since I Am Back

Today is the second full day that I am back in the KL office. The ordeal of my longest journey home is still at the back of my head as the experience was certainly unmatched and I do not know whether to consider myself fortunate or not.

Well, the best thing is that I have arrived safely and am able to drive to work. Well, looking back on the Saturday morning where my replacement flight was scheduled to take off, I was stop at security control because of a metal piece that I was carrying in my hand luggage. This lead to my bag being open up for inspection which is the usual drill. I had to empty all the stuff out from my bag.

The polite lady that was on duty took a swab on my bag and later on, place the cloth that made contact with the inner part of my bag into this sophisticated looking machine and the alarm went off. This caught unecessary attention from her colleagues and other passangers. To confirm it, she repeated the process under the instruction of her supervisor and yet no luck on my side. This lead to my curiousity whereby I questioned what was going on. She kindly show me the receipt briefly of what was printed out of the machine. Apparently my bag has a chemical substance that is used to make explosives. Wow! So now I am terrorists. Well, the ordeal carried on when a senior staff instructed her to use an alternative device which was within my view producing the same results.

I was requested to hand over my travel documents and told to wait. I insisted that I can't wait because I really want to get home after not being able to the day before. He was very apologetic and explained to me that it is a security measure. I was not pushy at all and did what I was asked to.

The officer that took a swab on my bag was then requested to wash her hands before doing a final swab on my bag and the results came out ok. Phew! What a relief.

It was then time for my interview whereby they were asking whether I used any make up as apparently some make up can trigger the alarm. The funny thing was that he was asking in a non offensive and discriminating way. Very proffesional I would say but amusing. The answer was obvious.

Then a senior security arrive after being paged through the walkie talkie. He looked at me and then apologize for the inconvenience caused and allowed some paperwork to be signed which will allow me to proceed on with my journey. I suspect the senior security staff was expecting an Osama look alike but no luck for him.

We then waited about over an hour before we were allowed to board the plane and it was announced that we will no longer be taking off on time due to a mismatch of the passengers on board with the list they have. The plane finally took off at about 2.00 o'clock after a close to two hours wait in the plane.

Well, all that I can say is that it was more than I bargained for and the next experience I want to have on board is to be upgraded to first class for free!

That's all for now!


Friday, July 11, 2008

A Lonely Night In Heathrow

Here I am spending the night at The Radissons in Heathrow after my flight today was grounded. Well, I am thankful that some engineer or technician discovered the fault. Although I was meant to take off at noon, it was three hours later before we were told that the flight will only be able to take off the following day at ten and we will be checked in accordingly to our hotels.

The arrangements and coordination from moving us from the airport to the hotel was very messy. Anyone with duty free items had to leave it behind for safe keeping and are not allowed to leave the terminal. We were all over the places and felt like refugees as we went through different pass ways of the terminal building. It is also the first time I can pass through the immigration officers like an EU citizen as all they wanted is to verify that I am the holder of the passport. So there was no stamp and no landing card to be filled in.

When we arrive at the hotel, we were made to queue at the lobby before being told that the arrangements have only been made for the crew which was seated in a corner at the lobby. I am dissapointed that upon discovery of such a mistake, none of the crew even came to speak to the stranded passangers to calm them down. MH for Malaysian Hospitality as they would say and I am like yea right! If I was a the captain of the plane, I would have instructed my crew to speak to the passengers and waited for them to check in before dissapearing the instance I got a room. If anyone from MAS is reading this, this is the MH flight that was meant to depart at noon from Heathrow on 11th July 2008!

Well, we finally got our rooms after being given mixed instructions. It was a bit funny as we could see manual lists being compiled instead of them using a centralized one that could have been easily pulled out from their records.

No further communications about meals and things were given. With this in advantage, I happily help myself to the mini bar in the room. It was soon before a message was delivered through our TV screen informing us of our departure time the following day and where to have our dinner and breakfast.

I do not know what the statistics are of a plane being grounded and do not know whether I am lucky or not. I am pretty sure that it is all for the right reasons. Although I will be losing a day to spend with my family back home in KL, arriving safely home is all that matters.

Well, that's all from me now I guess. I am heading off to dinner by myself.. sob sob....

Will communicate the soonest I get a chance to with the pictures of my room to share.


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Learn Chinese in 5 minutes

This is fuh kin funny and made my day!

Image Hosted by

Penang & Melaka are Unesco World Heritage Site!

The two cities in Malaysia are now in the list of Unesco World Heritage site! Click here to view its entry.

Map of Penang!
A Random Map of Penang

Not too sure what other benefits it brings but I believe must be a level of preservation funding I guess. Yipee!

To those who are unaware, Penang is my hometown and it is where Georgetown is.


Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Genographic Project

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I notice about this project on the screens during my ride on the Heathrow Express. It is a joint project between IBM and National Geographic to trace back our origins.

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Here are the description on the website:

"Where do you really come from? And how did you get to where you live today? DNA studies suggest that all humans today descend from a group of African ancestors who—about 60,000 years ago—began a remarkable journey.

The Genographic Project is seeking to chart new knowledge about the migratory history of the human species by using sophisticated laboratory and computer analysis of DNA contributed by hundreds of thousands of people from around the world. In this unprecedented and real-time research effort, the Genographic Project is closing the gaps of what science knows today about humankind's ancient migration stories. "

You can be part of this project and be included in their database by getting a kit.

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The Participation Kit includes the following and will include a lab test as well:

* DVD with a Genographic Project overview hosted by Dr. Spencer Wells, visual instructions on how to collect a DNA sample using a cheek scraper, and a bonus feature program the National Geographic Channel/PBS production The Journey of Man.
* Exclusive National Geographic map illustrating human migratory history and created especially for the Genographic Project.
* Buccal swab kit, instructions, and a self-addressed envelope in which to return your cheek swab sample.
* Detailed brochure about the Genographic Project, featuring National Geographic photography.
* Confidential Genographic Project ID # (GPID) to anonymously access your results online like the following:

Image Hosted by

This is definately in my wish list and maybe finally I can prove that I have royal blood. :)

Click here for the official web page and also to get your hands on the Genographic Project Kit.