Saturday, June 07, 2008

Miniature Wonderland Hamburg

So here I am in Hamburg, Germany. The last time I was here was for a brief trip during the companies zone meeting.


I took loads of pictures but it is inconvenient to load them all using my office laptop. Will somehow start sharing them when I am back in Southampton or KL. I joined Song Yia and family on a day trip around Hamburg city and doing the touristy stuff.

Song Yia bought the Group Hamburg Card which allows us to travel on the public transport at a group rate and also offers discount at some of the attractions such Miniature Wonderland which was my most cherished and favourite visit of all.

Miniature Wonderland
The Display Spans Two Floors

It is a collection of ellaborate models of mini cities such as Hamburg itself, Paris and various major european cities. The trains are also inter connected within one another. The cars in the city are also smart enough to obey the traffic lights and also avoid from hitting one another. There is so much attention to details from the weather turning to dark, signal lights by the vehicles and also the customizations of the city for the 2008 Euro Cup.

Miniature Wonderland
Miniature Version of Hamburg

As you might know. I am a sucker for miniature stuff and models. I could spend days here admiring the amount of effort put in. It is a must visit for all!

Take care.

Benny Ong.

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Song Yia said...

You should upload the naughty miniatures pictures you took.