Saturday, June 28, 2008

Münster and Senden

To see more of Germany, we took the high speed ICE train to the city of Münster. I have to mentioned that we traveled on First Class tickets as it worked out to be cheaper than two regular journey tickets at time of booking. I will never have thought about coming here but it was thanks to my University friend who suggested for me to see him via this route.

City Center of Munster

The weather was a bit cloudy and there was a bit of rain. Munster has a river running through the city called "AA". A very short name and it will always be the first river listed in the world river directory. :)
City Hall
The City Hall Where Our Walking Tour Began
We joined the English walking tour and was given a historical tour of the city before heading to Senden where my host Harry lives. We took an afternoon nap before walking around the neighbourhood.

A War Memorial With St. Micheal

River Through Senden, Don't Even Ask What Barbara was doing!

We ended the day with a nice barbeque in the garden for dinner.

Garden Barbeque Dinner

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