Friday, June 06, 2008

Heathrow Terminal 5

I finally made it to Heathrow's newest terminal! It was good timing as well after all the mess that BA got itself into with missing baggages and flight cancellations. (Their on board service was still as bad though!, they feed us pretzels, breakfast bar + a glass of apple juice)

I left work in the London office via Heathrow Express to arrive at the spanking new airport. As most airports, it was freaking spacious.

Heathrow Terminal 5
Fully British Airways Depature

I checked in online to save time but the queue to deposit my baggage made it a time neutral effort. So nothing special and I did not get ahead of the line or crowd.

Heathrow Terminal 5
More Dining Places and Shops in the Terminal

It is a lucrative business to run F&B outlest with the ban to carry in any liquids through the security gates and passport control into the departure lounge. Even Gordon Ramsay has make his footprint.

Heathrow Terminal 5
Plane Food by Gordon Ramsay

Thats all from me now. Stay tune for more of my adventures in Hamburg, Germany!


Benny Ong

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