Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hashing In Luneburg

I am a virgin to Hashing at what a place to start than in the beautiful city of Luneburg where according to the friendly bunch I met with was one of the four cities that survived the world war.

The Beautiful City of Luneburg

There was a festival going on in the city center which covered most of the facade of the buildings. Luneburg was a major city which is popular for its salt production.

Hashing at Luneburg

It was indeed a privillege to do my virgin run where we started from the train station through the city with a beer stop and then ending at a parking lot.

In The Circle
Me In The Circle

The hash session ended with a circle and I was brought in and innitiated as a new member to the community.

Down Down at Luneburg
My First Down Down!

I was made to do a down down which is a bottoms up for a variety of reasons from being the newcomer to holding Song Yia's hands. All and all it was a day well spent. I will be looking forward to my next run!

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Song Yia said...

On! On!

I can see you really enjoy looking for the trails.