Friday, June 20, 2008

Hamburg Harley Days 2008

One of the main benefits of being able to be based in a central location is the amount of events that is happening around. This weekend, Hamburg is hosting the annual Harley Days event at the open space next to the office. I could see the whole preparation through the office window.

Hamburg Harley Days
View From The Top

The event attracted tons of Harley enthusiasts. There were rows and rows of tents set up to sell merchandise, accessories and typical biker clothes (leather boots, jackets and printed t-shirts of skull images)

Harley Days Hamburg
Center Stage

The weather that day turned out pretty bad towards the evening and I was all drenched when I arrive back at the hotel.

Harley Days
Vroom Vroom Stylish Red

There are scheduled to have a drive around the city on Sunday but every where I turn, I could see the bikers around.

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