Sunday, June 15, 2008

Groniger Pork Feast in Hamburg

If you enjoy your meat like I do, then Groniger is the place for you. Like most restaurants in Germany, they seem to specialize in pork and beer.

Ready For Our Meal

The atmosphere at the restaurant was an old pub and you have the option to buy your beers by the barrel. The serve the beer from an old wooden barrel. Not sure if it is authentic but it looks like it.

The Display At The Restaurant

They are famous for their pork knuckle but seem to have some consistency issue as they taste different the both times I had the opportunity to dine there. The portions are enough to feed an asian family for weeks but the serving was actually intended for a single person.

Prok Knuckle
The Pork Knuckle

The serving costs just a little over 11 Euros and makes it a great dining experience. The waiters that we had was friendly as well which made our evening pleasant!

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