Thursday, June 19, 2008

Euro 2008 Open Viewing

Just next to the Hamburg office is an open space and I believe the largest open viewing in Hamburg for the Euro 2008 football fans. I was a bit reluctant to venture in the last time as I had the fixed image in my mind of drunken people and a football match which did not appeal to me. The last records showed an estimated of 40,000 people in the KIA sponsored open viewing.

The Mascots of Euro 2008
Euro 2008 Mascots

However, we finally decided to join the crowd as this could be the last game that Germany is playing this time around. And what an opportunity to miss watching the home team playing.

We had to go through the security barrier whereby we had to give up our water bottles. The guards on duty were very patient and kind when we decided to finish up as much water as we can before giving up the bottle. She spoke good english as well.

Once through the gates, the atmosphere was different and we felt safe as there were many security officers around to ensure that there was peace I guess.

Hamburg Kia Fan Fest
The Screen Was Huge

We stayed on for the first half whereby we got to see 3 goals. 2 from Germany and one from Portugal. This gave us the opportunity to experience the energy of the crowd. It was very civilized and there was no pushing around. This could be a testimony that the Germans enjoy their space as everyone seem to be leaving fairly huge gaps away from each other.

Some Of The Many Tents
Tents Selling Delicacies From Participating Countries

We also wandered around the compound and discovered various tents and beach bars. If Germany wins, it will happen to be the second country that I happen to be in when they became Euro Cup Champions with the last one being Greece.

and I will most definately be at the open viewing for the next Germany match...

That's all folks...

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