Saturday, May 31, 2008

Southampton Common

The weather today is amazing and I decided to explore further to the wide open spaces available in Southampton whereby I ventured to Southampton Common.

The Map Of Southampton Common

Southampton Common is made up of 326 acres of woodland, wetland and open water. It supports a large variety of wildlife including the largest recorded population of the internationally rare Great Crested Newt. It is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest; a government designation for the country's premier natural sites.


The Entrance of Hawthorns Urban Wildlife Centre

The Hawthorns Urban Wildlife Centre is situated in the east corner of Southampton Common. The Centre is built on land that had previously been a zoo. The center looked not well maintained but the objective of it was to be kept as close to their natural habitats for the wildlife.

Inside The Hawthorns Urban Wildlife Centre

The Ornamental Lake

The water features blend well together with the trees. This place makes a good jogging track.

One of The Lakes

Entrance of the Old Cemetery

The Old Cemetery is listed Grade II on English Heritage's Register of Historic Parks and Gardenss. It was landscaped by W H Rogers, a local nurseryman and supervised by the well known landscape designer J C Loudon. Few burials now take place in this cemetery, but a range of soils and a management regime designed to maximise flowering and wildlife habitats means that it is a lovely place to walk and watch wildlife such as birds, reptiles and small mammals.


An Angel Tombstone That Stands Out

The Cemetery Looks So Peaceful and Calm

This is something that I will never do in Malaysia. Walking in a cemetery is far too spooky for my liking but I did not feel it here. Maybe it is because there was fairly enough people around.

A Building Within The Cemetry

That's all from me today! Enjoy the remaining days of your weekend.


Cheryl said...

You can be a personnal tour guide by the end of ur term in UK, Benny....

bennyong said...

An alternative career move. :)