Sunday, May 04, 2008

Rhineland Germany

The Rhineland is one of the most picturesque areas in Europe with the gorgeus River Rhine surrounded by vineyards and stunning scenery! If you want to read up more about Rhineland, visit the page on Wikipedia. In 2002, it joined the list of Unesco World Heritage site.

After waking up from a good rest despite sleeping in a room with three empty beds being a bit spooky, I headed down for breakfast. We soon met up with our tour guide and coach driver for our short trip to Boppard, another small village for our cruise down the river.

A Group Picture in Boppard

Before I knew it, we were already on our two hour cruise along the river. We were going against the current which made the journey a bit longer. The sun was perfect and I have had so much sun in a while.

On Board The Cruise and Rheinfels Castle On The Background

The views were just amazing and breath taking. Take a peek at the following slideshow which gives you postcard views of the location.

The cruise ended at the other side of the river bank whereby we continued our short journey to Rudesheim for Wine Tasting. The private session was hosted by Sebastian and he explains about it being a family run business for generations.

We get to keep the shot glasses as souveniors

We were also given giant salty pretzels to kill the taste between the wines. We had three types of wines with the taste increasing in sweetness.

Giant Pretzels

I left with two bottles of wine at a total of 19 Euros.

An Old Wooden Wine Making Machine

It was then lunchtime in Boppard. We had lunch in the patio of a restaurant underneath the sun. Something that I will never do in Malaysia as the sun back home will eat me alive!

A Cheeky Glass For A Large Glass of Beer

Generous Portions

No time was wasted after lunch whereby we headed towards the hills for a cable car ride to the top to see the Niederwald Monument. Return tickets cost 6.50 Euros but saves you time from walking.

View From The Open Air Cable Car

The monument was the statue of "Germania" and built in the years from 1877 to 1883. The 38m high (114 feet) monument commemorates the Franco-German War of 1870-1871 and the re-establishment of the German Empire.

The Niederwald Monument

Greek like Temple on the hill

With more free time on our hands, we bid farewell to the coach to cross over the river to Bingen for a train ride to St Goaz where Rheinfels Castle was. It is the largest castle among the countless ones along the river. Like many, this one has been converted into a hotel.

The Hotel Part of The Castle

When we reached the top, the opening times has ended but we manage to enter through the unguarded exit to have a peek into the surroundings.

A Cool Part In The Castle

We took the train back to Bad Salzig to freshen up and for dinner. We decided to walk along the banks after the heavy dinner and it was straight to bed once again after a tiring and enjoyable day.



Gajana said...

Hey benny,are you on a holiday? And why isn't SY with you?

bennyong said...

We had a long weekend break and I join a tour group last minute. Rhineland is far from Hamburg.

list old german wines said...

[...] up more about Rhineland, visit the page on Wikipedia. In 2002, it joined the list of Unesco World restaurant wins big award Peninsula GatewayGig Harbor restaurant Brix 25? recently won the [...]