Friday, May 09, 2008

It's Friday!

Thank god it's Friday! Well, the weather for the weekend looks promising and I finally have my web cam installed for video conferencing with my team in the office. We are a virtual team you see and the video portion adds value.

This is a pic I took using the Creative Live! Ultra WebCam while testing it to ensure it is working fine.

Using A Web Cam

As a bonus, you get to see the background of my small and humble office.

Enjoy your weekend folks!


Benny Ong


Alyssa Ng said...

hello benny,
it's been long since i've visited your blog and was surprised to see loads of new entries.
anyway, dropping by to wish you a good weekend!
take care ya. :)

Quentin - Home Shopping said...

You look like you are huge giant at your desk from the angle you've taken the photo at! lol

bennyong said...

How r u and long time no see. Good luck in your examinations k... Come and visit me if you have a chance k. Enjoy your weekend too. :)

bennyong said...

I always like to think that I am larger than life!