Saturday, April 26, 2008


Today, I went on a great escape to Winchester, the old capital of England with a group of Malaysian colleagues. We took the 40 minutes bus ride at 9.20 a.m. that cost only GBP 5.80 from the city center of Southampton.

Upon arriving at Winchester, we made our way to the Westgate whereby it acts as a Museum today. We met the attendant on duty named Patrick which spent his childhood in Malaysia when his father was serving the British Army. (Small world!)

Me Wearing the Armour
Me... A Knight!

Well, I managed to play dress up with putting on a replica armour. Just a stone throw away from West Gate is the Great Hall where it houses King Arthur's Round Table.

King Arthur's Round Table
King Arthur's Round Table in The Great Hall

We soon made our way through the high street to the Cathedral. Tickets were priced at GBP 5.00 to get in and there was a free guided tour every hour. The Cathedral was recently made famous after Da Vinci Code used it to potray Vatican City in the movie.

Winchester Cathedral
Winchester Cathedral

The tour lasted over a hour which I ended up being overwhelmed with information and details that I have bargained for. It was a surprise to find out that Jane Austen was laid to rest here. Although I am not a big fan of hers, I do respect the legacy that she has created for herself.

Jane Austen's Grave
Jane Austen's Remains Are Here!

After lunch, we headed to the City Museum whereby I took some shots behind the Chemist Store Replica.

Chemist @ Winchester City Museum
Chemist Replica

Continue on walking randomly, we headed to Wolvesey Castle and passed by Jane Austen's home along the way.

Jane Austen's House
Jane Austen's Home Where She Died

This are the remains of Wolvesey Castle. It was the chief residence of the Bishop of Winchester Cathedral.

Wolvesey Castle

Wolvesey Castle

That was sort of our last tourist stop in Winchester although we manage to sneak in a few hours of shopping.

Well, Winchester was a lovely place and we even manage to arrange the weather for this outing. It is highly recommended for a cheap day out!

Useful Links: - Free Maps and Tourist Information - South Hampshire Bus Route that offers daily busses from Southampton to Winchester


Song Yia said...

I like you in the costume. Knight in armour...Sexy~~~

bennyong said...

Will dress up for you anytime! :)