Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Third Day Back In The Office

I am back in the Southampton Office after going into hiding back in Malaysia. It smells of fresh paint at the moment as I was surprise to see that the room has now shrunk half it's original size. I was aware that there were some plans to expand the other room but I never thought I would return during the time the renovation is carried out.

They have managed to hover the carpet flooring and also place the furniture back to its original place. Besides that, I am glad that my desk and office space is still available after being away from the office close to a month.

I have also found a new craving which is Swiss Muesli. I have been having it for breakfast ever since I got back here. Do not know if this could be a start of a healthy lifestyle or otherwise.

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Example of Swiss Muesli Serving

To my surprise, my home broadband was not set up yet due to some pending information from me while I was away but I got a text message from 02 yesterday evening letting me know that they have dispatched the modem. If everything goes as per expectation, I should have broadband at home on Friday evening.

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