Friday, April 04, 2008

My First Sony Vaio!

I bought my first Sony Vaio today. This will most certainly keep me busy for the few upcoming weeks when I am back in Southampton. Despite planning to go places on the weekends, this will allow me to further get my hands deep, down and dirty on my web development activities!

Besides that, I found out about how much the tax man is taking away from me! Not happy with that figure but at least KPMG is handling that on my behalf.

I am packing my bags as I blog (A living proof that all guys can multitask!). I will be heading back to Southampton which is my temporary base for the year.

UPDATE: 11.32 PM - My desktop was infected by virus and it crashed! It must be jealous of the new laptop. Am fixing it at the moment.

That's all for now, later chaps!


1 comment:

Song Yia said...

Oh no, I hope you managed to cure your desktop from the virus.