Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Milk Gone Wild

Before you proceed further to stream this video, be warned that this is of graphic nature but nothing is natural.

This are the series of videos produced by PETA followed by a more serious documentary lcum infomercial on the cause they are protesting against. The video seems to indicate a common topic whereby Sex sells.

View the 'Milk Gone Wild': Totally Uncensored!

Watch 'Milk Gone Wild 2: At the Carwash'

Watch 'Meet Your Milk' Now

Just briefly going through the website, this was the ads that was made by PETA which was banned from being aired in Superbowl. I can see the reasons why.

You may visit MilkGoneWild.com if you are interested.

Hope, this will lighten your week or be your topic of conversation.



Kelly Lai said...

Cruel and inhuman process ... no more milk and meat for me ...

defense games said...

I love boobs, these videos rocked.