Sunday, April 27, 2008

Indepence Of The Seas

The heavy morning showers were deceiving as when it struck noon, the weather was perfect.

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I decided to go to the Carribean Festival at Mayflower Park in Southampton. This weekend event was to celebrate the arrival of the largest cruise ship in the world, Independence of The Seas. It will be based here.

Independence of The Seas
One Man's Dream A Reality!

I have never been on a cruise before and going on board the Independence of The Seas will be a good aim. The ship boasts Golf Simulators, Mini Golf, Rock Climbing Wall, Flowrider (World's First On Board Surf Park), Ice Skating Rink, Boxing Ring, Casino and Theatre. This are just a handful of what the ship has to offer. The most affordable package is priced at GBP 399 for a 4 night cruise to Ireland. This leads me to think on whether is it worth paying that price for something that you can do on mainland? Well, maybe it is some luxury that I have not come to grasp yet.

The festival was ok to my standards and here are a few random pics of the events.

Man Made Beach
Man Made Beach

The Carribean Carnival
Random Stalls

The Stage at Carribean Festival
The Center Stage

I might be judging the event prematurely as there will be fireworks in the evening and more performances. I plan to drop by after dinner tonight.


Benny Ong


Pete said...

Empty article?

Pete said...

Oh nm, for some reason I can see it now. Before it was all blank.

Cruise seems fun, I might consider doing one in the next year or two. The occasional news about people getting sick from bad water is a little scary though :P

bennyong said...

I still don't get the point of cruises as the activities you do on board are available on dry land. :)