Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Won Jack Johnson CD!


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I love winning competitions and contest. This time around is the latest CD from Jack Johnson. Speaking about the latest craze on going green, this whole album is recorded using solar energy! Beat that!

Jack Johnson CD

Thank you Mix.fm!


Pete said...

Benny, for some weird reason, recently I can only read articles on your blog when I click on the title again. For example, when I saw this title in the RSS reader, I click, and get the basic structure of your site but see no content. Only when I click the title "I won Jack Johnson CD!", I get the content after the page loads. Weird huh?

In any case, Jack Johnson is a great singer. I have a couple of his albums and enjoy them very much. Even silly songs like Belle are highly enjoyable.

bennyong said...

Erm.. weird things happenly lately. I can view my page header everytime I load my pages at home. Will schedule a wordpress upgrade which I hope can resolve this matter.

The CD is in Malaysia so it will take me a while before I can enjoy it. I like Jack Johnson's style anyways. It is easy listening. :)

Song Yia said...

Congrats! Hope you win more Cds