Thursday, April 24, 2008


Today I had a chance to visit one UK company site at Guilford. As usual, I took the train to get there and it was just a little over an hour to reach. It was a good breath of air to get out of the factory site in Southampton. As a bonus, I also manage to stay dry despite the poor weather.

Me in the train
Me In The Train

Thinking about it, I would avoid the train at all cost in Malaysia. I remember taking the train from Penang to KL Sentral during the school holidays and it wasn't pleasant. On a separate occassion, I also almost missed my job interview because of the train not showing up and having to get ripped off by a taxi driver. As a consolation, I still manage to get the job and keep it until today.

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Woking Station Where I Swap Trains

My journey to Guilford from Southampton required me to make a change at Woking. I missed the first connection whereby the next train available was just about twenty minutes away. I did not have to find out by asking anyone but just looking at the screen which is constantly updated with the latest information. Such information are also available on numerous websites.

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Signs, Signs & Signs!

However, the amount of channels of communication they have might be a little obsessive. There are multiple screens, boards with the schedule and announcements on the loud speakers. If you somewhat did not notice any of their attempts to reach you, you can ask any of the many attendants around.

Looking at things, the amount of signs plastered around the station matches the amount of graffiti and vandalism we have at some of our KTM stations. Well, we are just creative and expressive people I guess.

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