Friday, April 11, 2008

Avenue Q

I took the opportunity to extend my stay in London after having to attend a meeting here. London holds a very special place in my heart as I used to spend my care free years in University and also a experiencing many of my firsts in life here such as a full time job, doing mystery shopping, flyering, working in summer school and visual merchandising.

BTW... Thanks to my buddy Alan, who allowed me to stay over at his place in Kennington despite the short notice.

I also took the chance to catch a Theatre Show called Avenue Q which I can only describe as a mature version of Sesame Street. It is a musical that I have always wanted to watch and eventually went on doing it despite a year after. I was suppose to watch this with my ex-boss. (Sorry! If you are reading this, we can catch a different play some other time)

Avenue Q

I have a packed schedule on Saturday with so many places to see and people to catch up with.

I also got a text message with regards to my broadband being activated which will allow me to continue with my web development stuff at home.

That's all for now!


Phillip said...

Hey there! :)

I know you don't know me and all but i would really appreciate it if you add me in msn messenger cause i hope maybe you can enlignten me on something. It's about you tattoo! Lol.

Btw are you a Malaysian as well? Cause i am but who cares anyway. Lol. :)

If possible, i really hope you can email me at least(if you don't have msn messenger that is).


bennyong said...

Greetings Phillip. Nice to hear from you. I am Malaysian just like you. Feel free to post your questions here and I will endeavour my best to reply. Cheers mate!

Adeline Ong said...

Can I say how much I am envying you right now????

I wanted to watch that show so badly. Argh!!


*It sucks to be me... It sucks to be me...*

bennyong said...

Come and visit me and I will take you there! :)

I love the theme songs and how they mock our everyday life.