Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another Sunday Gone

Another Sunday has just flew away. I stayed at home for most part of the day deceived by the weather forecast. I put my weekend travel plans on hold after the dissapointing weather yesterday.

However, I managed to go to lunch with a colleague at Yates although I was planning to use my JD Wetherspoons vouchers. I got myself confused between those two pubs. Do not know why I had the impression that they were under the same management.

After lunch, it was shopping spree for me where I splurge on a jumper and a hoodie.

Upon my return home, I notice the Bowling Green being occupied by people. They were playing Lawn Bowling.

Bowling Green

It is another game that never got me the interest to find out more about it. Somewhat like cricket.

Can't wait for next weekend as I plan to go to Winchester and Poole.

Well, I will be watching TV and a few movies before I end my Sunday.


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