Saturday, March 29, 2008

UK Based Web Hosting

I just launched a new website a couple of days behind. It is which is a sister site to, a web hosting company. This are the same hosting company I use for all my sites which includes this blog. services uses servers based within the UK which will ensure speedy response to people who maintains a large European based web traffic.

I just wanted to do some marketing around about its existence as I just completed customizing it and creating the header today. I aim for this site to be as successful as

Web hosting and designing was the first business I ever ventured in. The rest is history and I am still a strong believer that anyone can make money online.


Benny Ong


iCalvyn said...

great, you own ur self a business, i also hope i can setup a business soon, but still lack of knowledge and experience :(

bennyong said...

ICalvyn, you have got a great blog going on! How can you say that you don't have experience as I have seen ways you market your blog!