Friday, March 21, 2008

Suprise Birthday Party @ Uptown Izzi

I attended a birthday party at Izzi in Uptown upon the extension of Song Yia's invitation from Kimberly Cun. Although the weather was pretty bad, everyone seem to made it on time.

Birthday Party @ Izzi

The Birthday Boy In The Center

The event was attended by about 30 pax (just a very rough estimation) with an abundance of food.

Well, that's all for now. Till my next post!


Bonnie said...

Happy B'day to ur friend ^_*..Great gathering at IZZI..Ma friend ever held a b'day party there..Mmmm their food is really good..

Song Yia said...

A well organised surprised party. I had fun!

bennyong said...

The food was good but I felt that the brownie was too thick and rich for my liking. Thanks for your comments Bonnie!

bennyong said...

No doubt that it was apparent that a lot of effort was put into making this party a reality. Well done to Kim, I had heaps of fun too.

Bengben said...

great life u seem to be leading.. the impression i get from from reading yr blog :) I came over from entrecard

bennyong said...

Thank you very much Bengben, I am making each day count :)