Thursday, March 13, 2008

On The Way To Pattaya

Had to wake up early today to join the tour group for a jam packed day of activities. We started off with a bus ride to a pier just opposite Hilton for a boat ride on Chao Phraya river which includes a commentary by the guide. They explain that Bangkok is the fourth capital and one of the previous capitals were just on the other side of the river.

Chao Phraya River

City Tour By Cruise on Chao Phraya River

After cruising down the river, we made a turn back upstream to dock at the Temple of Dawn. We bought tickets and managed to climb up the steep steps to catch a glimpse of view. I picture how amazing it would have looked like at the break of dawn.

Temple Of Dawn, Bangkok

Temple of Dawn

After the cruise, it was braving the Bangkok traffic to the famous Four Faced Buddha shrine. There is a history to it but it is said to have answered a lot of worshippers prayers. The original statue was damaged by a person which went amok but has since been replaced.

Four Face Buddha

Four Face Buddha

It was soon lunchtime whereby we made our way to the Largest Restaurant in The World. It is a Chinese Restaurant and themed of the typical landscapes one would see in ancient China.

World's Largest Restaurant, Thailand

The World's Largest Restaurant (Guiness Book of Records Approved)

The next stop was the tiger Zoo whereby they proved that Tigers, Dogs and Pigs can co-exists. Have a look at the following picture. The tiger never made any attempts to attack either the dog or the pig. This could be a result of placing them together since they were cubs, piglets and puppies.

Image Hosted by

One Happy Family!

We arrived at Pattaya in the evening. We purchased tickets to two optional shows which were the Spider Show (also known as 3-in-1) and the Cabaret Show at Alcaraz.

Here is a quick snap of the Spider Show location.

Image Hosted by

Spider Show Location

It is clearly ran by the triads and the structure of the building looks temporary which they can run down any minute by a bull dozer if needed to. The show was of sexual acts in nature which was something to experience and something similar to the shows in Amsterdam. There were heaps of Koreans in the audience and the performance featured songs by Kylie Minogue and Elvis.

The cabaret show at Alcaraz was a different affair and was worth every single baht spent. The cast of the shows are transverstites (Ah Qua in hokkien).


Highly Recommended

After the show, we wonder around Pattaya before calling it a night.



Anuj said...

I am visiting Pattaya on 1st July 2011. Please inform about the location of spider show.

Thank you,

Anuj Garg

bennyong said...

Hi Anuj, it has been ages. I can't recall exactly but I am sure if you ask at your hotel reception, they are able to arrange hotel pick up and etc.