Saturday, March 08, 2008

Malaysian Election 2008

It is just a topic that is too hot not to blog about. Upon my choice to return and arrive in Malaysia on March 8th, the date of the General election was by coincidence. I missed out on the hype of the previous election as I was studying abroad. I am never ever interested in politics or speak much about it but I stayed awake throughout the night looking at the results for obvious reasons.

Despite the opposition winning on a landslide, something interesting to speak about in this election is a fellow Malaysian blogger that won! He is Jeff Ooi and won a Parliamentary Seat! He has a reputation to blog about politics in Malaysia and is one of the most visited, if not, the most visited blog by fellow Malaysians around the world.

website screenshots

I will most certainly be keeping my eye on his blog from time to time and hopefully he will maintain his integrity as a blogger without getting engrossed with the world of politics and remain his transparency throughout. Only the future will tell.

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