Sunday, March 30, 2008

How Much Is Your Domain Worth?

Use this website to find out how much your domain name is worth. Apparently is only worth this much but regardless the price, I am never go to give up this domain. (at least this is what I have in mind now)

According to the site, my domain name is worth this much: is something like Alexa's free report but instead, it evaluates the value of your website. This should be a good tool to use when you are thinking about acquiring a domain name from a seller.

Besides giving you an overview of your website evaluation, it also suggests ways you can increase the income of your webpage.

Try this tool on your own domain name and find out how much it is worth.


Pete said...

My is worth $40,480 ^_^

Would I sell it for $40k? Nope. Can't buy my passion for a mere $40k. But of course I'm not saying I won't be tempted with a higher offer :P

bennyong said...

Wow, that is a lot of money Pete. There is no price that matches passion but am all ears for any offers. :)

Sardor said...

My website is worth $0. I wonder if I can use this to demand money back from :)

bennyong said...

Do try and let me know the results. :)