Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Holiday in Bangkok

It was since last year after my trip to Cambodia that Song Yia manage to book some fairly priced tickets off AirAsia for Bangkok. It was something that I have always been looking forward to ever since and my main purpose for my return to Malaysia.

Here is a quick map to show where Thailand is and it was only about 2 hours flight away from KL.


Map of Thailand that shows where Bangkok is

Upon arrival at the airport, we were picked up and sent to our hotel, First Hotel. We stayed at the Business Floor Deluxe Room. The hotel is well located centrally in the shopping district close to Platinum Fashion Mall and MBK. This was one of the main reason we selected this hotel.

Platinum Fashion Mall

Platinum Fashion Mall

An extract from Wikipedia on what Platinum Fashion Mall is about.

"The Platinum Fashion Mall is a 5 billion baht (100 million euro) shopping mall in Pratu Nam, Bangkok, Thailand, which specializes in fashion clothes and accessories retail and wholesale. It is a six-storey complex with an 11-storey condominium building above the complex.

The clothes shops operate on the principle that buying 1 piece is a retail sale and warrants retail price, but buying 3 (or sometimes more) pieces is wholesale and you get the wholesale price. An example of pricing structure is 1 men's shirt retail 250 baht, 3 shirts wholesale 500 baht.

The mall is on Phetchaburi Road, next to Pantip Plaza and opposite Pratunam Complex, a 14-storey mall. It is also near Central World Plaza."

After hours of browsing Platinum Fashion Mall, clothes look dull and we eventually did not buy as much as we thought we would. However, things changed when we were backed in the hotel room and the trying it on. (Yup, a majority of retailers do not allow you to try the clothes on and there is no refund or exchange policy). Happy with the bargain we got, we decided to schedule the last few days we had to continue our shopping.

Feeling excited about being in Bangkok, we head to Pat Pong (Bangkok's Red Light District) after dinner using their Sky Train. I did not have the guts to snap pictures of the area because I want to return home in one piece but this is a picture I managed to capture before leaving Pat Pong from the station.

Near Pat Pong

The Station Near Pat Pong

Well, that's all for now. Read my following posts for my other adventures.

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