Saturday, March 08, 2008

Create Free PDFs Online

I was suppose to blog about this site a year ago since I found it with the intention to create awareness of its existence. It is an amazing free tool that I have been enjoying to use for ages.

The website is called

What Does It Do?

This website allows you to convert supported text documents or image files into .PDF format and e-mails it to your mailbox of choice.

Supported Formats:
-MS Word (DOC)
-MS Publisher (PUB)
-MS Word (RTF)
-MS Excel (XLS)
-MS PowerPoint (PPT)
-MS PowerPoint (PPS)
-Text (TXT)

How To Use?
Click here to be forwarded to the page and follow the step by step instructions.

Other Features
- It has a wealth of other free PDF manipulation tools such as a Javascript link that one can place on their pages so that users can automatically create their fave pages into PDFs, sending a doc to an e-mail for it to be generated into PDF or create a word document from a PDF file. I am planning to experiment and check out a few one of them shortly.

- The pros of using this site is that it is fully ad free web based and you do not require to download or install any application on your desktop.
- It is compatible with a wide variety of formats
- It e-mails the final file to your inbox whereby you can archive it for futur usage

- The tool does not always necessarily convert Word documents accurately but it could be an issue of formating as I have experienced previously.
- It might take a while before the file arrives in your inbox at peak times.

That's all from me now and it won't be long until my next review!



Pete said...

I've seen tools like this. One concern is security. Unless you know the folks behind this service, don't send them any documents with any potentially sensitive information. You don't know if they're keeping any of your data found in the documents, you know?

Maybe I'm paranoid, but I rather caution on the side of error :)

bennyong said...

I agree with yourself to the handling of sensitive information and hence it should be treated with care regardless which tool you used. Well, it's been a while since your last comment, how are you doing Pete?

Pete said...

Doing ok here, though life has been pretty busy, I guess that's why. I peek over here every so often and see that you're enjoying UK. I've never been there, but I sure want to visit one day. Perhaps I'll chat with you about some of the places you visited :)