Monday, February 25, 2008

Where Have You Been?

Well, the reason of a dry month is because I have moved out of my old service apartment with internet access to a new place that unfortunately does not have internet access. Damn! I am looking into a few cool offers at the moment and hopefully will get a decent internet connection fitted into my new home shortly. I will try and do a few back posts using the magic of wordpress shortly as I have tons of pictures to share.

If you seen blog posts about my new apartment and my trip to hamburg, this means that I have successfully updated the blogs.

It is just under two weeks before I head home to Malaysia. I can't wait for that!


Benny Ong


Cheryl said...

Benny, can tumpang u get some keyrings from Mark & Spencer?

bennyong said...

Sure thing. Why never drop me a notes mail. I will see if I can get them this trip. If not, there is always next time. :)