Friday, February 08, 2008

Strike £95 Million!

The advertisment has been running on the TV countless of times during the week and I have been ignoring it until today. When I was in the office, it was a topic of conversation and everyone asked me whether have I placed my bet on Euro Millions. The team that was in my office was kind enough to buy a ticket on my behalf and pool the sum together for a shared ticket as well.

The odds according to the website is 1 in 76,275,360 to take home the jackpot and it was mentioned during our lunchtime conversation that it was equivalent to President Bush marrying Britney Spears. I know what you think! Very unlikely but not impossible :)

However, the odd of winning is 1:24 which means I can potentially walk away with some prize money.

Well, I have bought my share of tickets on the way home by giving Song Yia and my family a call. Each one of them gave me a set of numbers which I place a bet on. Each entry cost £ 1.50. I have to declare that I don't have a gambling problem but 95 Million is just to good of an offer to refuse.

95 MillioN!

4 Chances of Winning GBP 95 Million!

Now, let me dream about what I want to do with all that money! GBP 95 Million equals to RM 597.235 Million. (est 6.3 forex rate) I will share my winnings with my loved ones and a generous sum to charity.

Well, I will check the results tomorrow. (Typing it while using the power of attraction)


Benny Ong


Song Yia said...

I hope you win too~ All I want is a designer hangbags and shoes!

antitofu said...

With all the luck you have, Im pretty sure ur chances are high!

Pete said...

Good luck!