Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Horsley Court

Horsley Court

Horsley Court

I spent the night at Horsley Court which is BAT’s International training Center. I have always wanted to come here ever since I heard of its existence. Staffs that are nominated for international trainings will attend them here from all over the globe.

The Front Road

Outside Horsley Court

The Garden

The Garden

I had a chance to be here thanks to my new team. Here are a few of the pictures I took of Horsley Court.

The rooms are very nice and comfortable.

The Room

The Bed

The TV

The TV

iBase for iPod

iBase for iPod owners to play their music

All for now and I promise regular posts and updates... and Happy Valentine's Day everyone!



Song Yia said...

Looks like you boys had loads of fun with the army like training.

The dog is really cute too...

bennyong said...

The day was fun as hell and I am happy that I attended the team build.

Cheryl said...

The place is so beautiful... I like the building architecture the most ...