Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Website Screenshots

If you write website reviews occassionaly or happen to need a screenshot of a website that you are going to feature in a blog or online article, MyThumbshot.com is the solution for you.


The website is FREE to use and allows you to automatically generate thumbnails of websites automatically like the one above by using a string of URL.

How To Use?


You need to replace [url] with the page you need a screenshot of and [size] with one of the following params to show the sizes:

xs = 120x90
s = 160x120
m = 320x240
l = 640x480
xl = 1024x768


Please look at a few size variations of the results:

Extra Small (XS)

Small (S)

Medium (M)

In A Nutshell

I am not sure how this website sustains itself by having just Google Adsense but if you use it, you have to take on the risk of your website having invalid image links if it ever go bust. I am using it and have faith that this website will be around for a while.

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