Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Walking to The Office?


Today, I set out to conquer a mission that many have said was impossible. Well, I decided to walk to the office after getting fed up with the taxi costs. So, I confidently started my journey with the bus map in my mind after seeing in on the website. If I can't get directly to the office, I would be more than happy to settle for a bus ride.

So, I left at 8.30 a.m. and aim to reach the location at 9.30 a.m latest. I walked along the path by back tracking the journey the cab took to fetch me home last night. After about 30 mins of walking, I got myself to a dead end. Well, not a dead end exactly but there was no longer a footpath next to the highway. I wouldn't be that crazy to risk myself getting run down.

So, I took a diversion which led me to the Central Train station and although there were several bus stands scattered around, I found the one I wanted but the next available bus is coming in 30 minutes. My overjudgement of the matter as buses run like every 15 mins in London but not in Southampton. I ended up taking the cab to get in the office on time.

Well, if you are wondering that I walked back from the office. The answer is no because it was to dark and cold. Plus feeling tired and drained was to helpful as well.

I managed to go out during lunchtime whereby I wonder around the city center. They have all my favourite stores in one place, H&M (I use to work there), Primark (Damn Cheap Trendy Clothes), Argos (I just like browsing through their catalogs), WHSmiths (Where All My Fave Web Design Magazines are available!!!), ASDA (Cheaper Tesco Alternative) & The Works (Love buying cheap books).

I also did a tour of the Southampton office and the site plus I manage to see the old factory which is vacant now due to it shutting down.

Side tracking a bit, my UK mobile sim card died on me a week before I got here (The irony!!!) and I tried to reactivate it today but was told I will have to say goodbye to the number. Well, this could be a good start to adapting to change but we will see.



P/S: I can't wait for the weekend to start exploring at my own pace.

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