Tuesday, January 08, 2008

UK Entry Application Tips

Finally I have submitted my UK Entry Clearance Application. It has taken a while and today, officially at approximately 9.50 a.m. on the 19th Floor of Wisma MCA along Jalan Ampang, everything has been sent in. Now all I have to do is cross my fingers and wait for it to materialize.

UK Visa Application

It has been in discussion for about a few months now about my potential move from KL to be based in Southampton, UK for a year. Lately, I have mixed emotions about the move with the sequence of events especially the battles on getting my work permit, package and entry clearance sorted out. Back to my Visa Application experience.

Although I was one of the earliest there, I was told that they would require my bank statement for the past three months. I found it a bit ridiculous but it eventually made sense when they was explained that I will need to show proof of being able to sustain myself for the first few months.

I rushed to Maybank at Ampang Park whereby I was charged RM 10.00 for my bank statement that is printed from my online banking account. I should not be complaining as I previously was charged RM 30.00 from HSBC for a letter. Regardless, this banks should not be charging huge sums to their customers as they are making profit from their other investments. Why can't an entrepreneur start a new bank with no charges. (This could be your billion dollar idea)

I soon headed back to the center and have all the paperwork submitted along with my passport. They filed everything and passed it on the cubicle like room next door whereby my name was called shortly. It was for a biometric test whereby all my finger prints were taken and also a picture of myself. (A bit redundant as I have already submitted my passport photo). The finger scanning portion was a bit fun as you start out with the four fingers excluding your thumb of your right hand on the scanner. It is then followed by the same amount of fingers from your left hand and ends with both your thumbs on the scanner. (I am not too sure why am I going into so much detail)

It is stated that it takes 5 days to get the entry clearance approved and up to 15 days if I am called for an interview. Another cool part is that I check the status of my application online. (We could do the same for our IC but I only found out after I collected mine)

Here are some tips:

1) Get all your forms completed with supporting documents filled

2) If you are printing it off a website, print extra copies just in case

3) Most visa application would required different passport size photos (Some accept light shaded background and some strictly white)

4) If you can't get your original supporting documents, get a certified copy

5) Bring more supporting documents than needed just in case to avoid a revisit


My advise above is just my thoughts, for more accurate information, visit the UK Visa Application Center website at vfs-uk-my.com.


I just used the web status checking tool and here is a screenshot of the results which is quite cool, let us see what is the next status up?


Just check the status a couple of minutes ago and it has changed since the morning. I have not collected the VISA yet but hopefully it is already approved as it indicates, I guess. I requested for it to be courier, so hopefully I will get them in the office tomorrow.

New Status


Ashley said...

LOL! Reminds me of my own experience and the crap I had to go through to get mine! It was really MKF! I almost kill my agent for making me visit her bloody office so many times and having my old man barking at me was a nightmare. Haha.

Shy guy said...

Hm.. thanks for comment at my blog..
I like your idea... Why banks want to charge huge sums to their customers.. It is not fair....
They get more millions from their investment and we will charge for only a statement...

bennyong said...

I was there ages ago to apply for my SEGS visa which allowed me to return back to the UK to work for a year. That time, the service ain't bad but I felt the people were pretty cold.

bennyong said...

It is spiraling out of control to be honest and it feels like there are no more benefits to keep money in banks. I rather invest it somewhere else. Thanks for dropping by.