Monday, January 14, 2008

This Blog Won An Ipod!

I won an Ipod. I won an Ipod…..

Yipee… this is the first ever win for this blog ever and my second Ipod win. I got the first Ipod from a Walker’s Crisp competition when I was working in the UK.

Now, thanks to a winning review on, I have a better model. Although it is not the highest end Ipod. I am thankful for the fact that I am getting one especially through a blog review. I also take the pride for being the only Malaysian in the list!

Winner's List

I can’t wait for the Ipod to be shipped to my house which means all I have to worry is about the postman if it is being delivered via standard mail. I sure hope it will be couriered over which then I have to think about someone being at home to receive it. Why bother, I will cross the bridge when it comes.

Let me take this opportunity to thank the friendly team over at Nciku for developing an addictive and yet very useful site. It is a bonus to get an Ipod for reviewing such an excellent solution.

Let’s hope this is a start to many more wins from competitions and blogging contests. My next target is a PSP.



Song Yia said...

Show off! >=P

bennyong said...

Just sharing... Not showing off!

Pete said...


bennyong said...

Thanks mate!

Dan said...

You didn't tell everyone about the large cash bribe. j/k :)
We actually had someone come over to the office yesterday to pick up their prize. It was interesting to meet a real life nciku user.

Thanks for the nice review. Hope you keep enjoying our site.

bennyong said...

Hey Dan, thanks for dropping by. I am still very happy about the win (despite a large cash bribe scandal :)) Well, it must be fun to be interacting with your users and may I suggest the next blog competition to be the best suggestion to improve That will give you the opportunity to get ideas on further expanding the empire!