Friday, January 04, 2008

SurfControl Won't Hold Me Down

Surf Control

There are offices and organizations which restricts the sites that one can visit during office hours or anytime through the office network. It is fair to certain extend as the employees are meant to work but does it actually help by enforcing more and more restrictions on them. It also comes with a price tag to have solutions like this in place. There are companies that roll out Surf Control globally and imagine the associated license and hardware costs to it. It will be very funny if the costs of implementing the filtering solution works out to be more that the actual time staff spend not working or slacking off. Before I digress any further, a balance is very hard to achieve and trust me that there are many other ways staff can get distracted than browsing social networking sites.

I did install a script that will be able to mask gmail to check mails through restricted proxies. I shared the link with a handful of peope but it was soon detected by the peeps at surf control and the link has been blocked ever since. (Thanks for not blocking my entire blog but just the link =)). This is based on some complaints I received.

Once I found out about, I tried to find other ways to help people to visit certain sites undetected. I can't help it, I am addicted to the web and always enjoy a challenge. It has been months before I stumbled upon a script that lets me do just that. After spending about 15 minutes on customizing the script last night, it was tested today for the moment of truth with facebook and gmail. Guess what? It works and hence this blog post. is the link and do bookmark it as it will be handy.

Well, I decided to host it on as I do not want to risk my blog getting black listed. This should be able to help my fellow comrades in China on accessing blocked sites as well.


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the Boss said...

He, your boss does read this, i guess you can stay as you also spend a lot of personal time in the office for work ;-) bye now, chantal

bennyong said...

Thanks Chantal. Glad you dropped by and hopefully you will find the tool useful. :)

the Boss said...

Hi Benny,

You know we can not use these tools! it is very clear stated in you contract.
Suggest you take the whole posting off you blog to avoid issues in the future.