Saturday, January 19, 2008

Southampton Here I Come

Let me spare a few minutes on this beautiful Sunday morning before I leave for Southampton. I set my alarm for 6.30 but was woken up by my anxious mom half an hour earlier. I requested for a snooze but her advise of getting ready earlier was better and I did not negotiate further.

Just finish showering and did my last checks on my packing. I manage to squeeze in a few more toiletries. I am looking up for the weather report for Southampton which indicates rainy weather for the next two days in London but the lowest of 4 Degrees for Soton with heavy rains. What a time to fly!

Bad Weather

I have already made a list of things to be done when I arrive and can't wait to get it done with. I will be going into the office the next day for a couple of meetings and will get myself familiar with location soonest.

Not sure weather my apartment will have internet connection which might prevent me from blogging in the couple of weeks to come. I couldn't be bothered to use an internet cafe as I am to spoilt for that. :) I have already did my housekeeping by tidying up my mail account and also facebook. I stored some files and folders that I will need to use in my e-mail inbox as drafts. This will make it easier for me to retrieve them for later usage.

Well, I am not gonna spend too much time on this post and will carry on with the other activities around the house before the Airport cab picks me up.

Take care everyone!


Ashley said...

Wow I can't believe you still had the time to blog. LOL. Anyway, will you be here during CNY? And if you are will you be free? Its going to be my first time away from home at this time of the year...sad. Anyways, I hope you have a great and safe journey! Cheers!

bennyong said...

Hey ash, I am in Airport Lounge now and it is 45 minutes before my flight. Well I will be in the UK during CNY. I have nothing solid planned yet but might be tied up with some work as the main go live dates of my projects are during CNY. Well, will defo need to meet up when I am over. Cheers!

Cheryl Leong said...

Hmm, you really can blog early the morning :p See you soon in office via sametime. Hope you have internet at your 'Sotong' apartment :p

Ashley said...

Oh man. Well I hope you don't have anything up during the first weekend of CNY? I'll be driving down to London on the 8th Feb with my cuz to meet up my other cuz. Kinda going to celebrate CNY in London. So I hope to see you then if not then maybe sometime in April? When I got my Easter Holidays? Well keep in touch then! Do give me your mobile no when you get one! Cheers!

bennyong said...

Thanks Cheryl, My notes are having issues. I can't logon to sametime directly but appreciate if you could sametime me first as I can somehow use an alternative method but need you to innitiate the conversation first and My apartment does have internet connection. Yipee!

bennyong said...

I will be working throughout the last three weekend in February. This will be a killer but I am ready and all up for it. I will be missing the CNY parades here in Southampton but there is always next year. I will be here for over a year so come and drop by anytime. I will give you my mobile # once I got mine sorted out. Cheers.

Cheryl Leong said...

Hehe.. will try sametime you on thursday coz tomolo has been declared public holiday for KL *Yeah!!* You have a nice working day on Wed lar :p