Friday, January 18, 2008

Song Yia's Farewell at Scarlet

It is quite uncanny for a club to be situated on the first floor of a shopping mall but we were at Scarlet in Cineleisure for Song Yia's farewell. Most of you might have known that she will be relocating as well but to Hamburg. I took the liberty to kind of crash the party and made it my farewell as well. This is very well justified as I have valid reasons which includes me being invited there and I am leaving on the same date.  It was no harm having a few drinks to my move in Southampton as well. (Look at how I stole the limelight of Song Yia's party!)

It was nice to see the turn out and due to the graphic nature of the pictures taken during the night by our in house paparazzi, Angie, I was only able to share the following two pics out of over 250 that was taken. I have to take this seriously because I am certain that the peeps in those picture will abandoned me if I ever post it over the net.


With 50% of Song Yia's Existing Team


Cheers To An Exciting Year!

Well, I got to catch up with my long overdue packing. I am sure that I have packed everything yet I believe I am missing out some stuff but do not know what!!!

Till my next post. Take care!



antitofu said...

dude..first its then then! so much time in your hands to update your blog everyday??!!!!! anywys, kudos to the 3 of you lar, i swear i don have time to update my blog at remains idle all the time hahaa....good luck in SOTON. oh oh oh..paparazi demands the pictures to be up in flickr or friendster

bennyong said...

Greetings Paparazi, Big ups for your skills which I am very impress. Your eyes are as flexible as chameleons and it is a well deserved and respected reputation. Well, I will see how I can pass on the photos to you all as it is in my desktop back in KL while I am here... Wait till March when I am back k... :)

angie said...

allritey, continue blogging! we miss you already