Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Self Publishing with

Ever dreamt about publishing your own book but never knew how? Well, dream no further with which is Web 2.0 answer to self publishing. Logo

Similar to some other sites that allow you to personalize your items for sale, allows you to create books for sale in both downloadable versions and physical prints. They do not print the copies directly but stores them digitally and set them to the printers whenever there is an order. This is very smart as there is Zero Inventory. offers three types of membership which is FREE (Free is good, that’s the account I am on), Publish by You (Limited to certain countries) & Publish by Lulu (The only paid option for most of us, $99.00). There are pros and cons to each I guess but will not comment as I am not that in the publishing industry.

To create your book, there is a wizard like tool that guides you through steps in putting your book together. You may specify the cover type, designs and almost everything to customize your creation. There is also a calculator that shows how much the associated publishing costs would be. Here you can state the ideal amount you would like to earn and they will sum it all up as the price of your creation.

Each author will get their store like mine at It will list all the books available and you can conveniently link to it to sell your creation.

They pay commissions through Paypal ($5.00 Minimum Payout) or Check ($20.00).

Besides being a site to self publish your work, you may socialize with other budding authors and also browse the market place for exclusive book titles.

In a nutshell, is a good website that I would recommend to all budding authors. It costs you almost nothing (I added time as a factor already) to use this platform to showcase your work. You don’t even need to handle any back end admin to get your payment and printing to be done and yet get your book promoted to billions on the internet. A no brainer I would say.

If you are serious about publishing, offers a whole other range of services to kick start your career.

The reason that inspire me to write this blog post is because I made a mere $4.99 profit from a book that I created to test the functions and features of I can now officially call myself an author as my book was purchased from You never know, I might be signing copies in a book store near you someday.


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