Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Imagini.net Visual Profile

Another cool website I discovered. Well, a bit later than about a million others but what the heck!

Try this thing out from Imagini.net. It asks you a series of questions with the answer options given in pictures. This will in return used to formulate your personality test results that you can have in a page to share with your friends. Click here to see mine as a demo.

Here is a screen shot of my profile page which I will be customizing shortly.


Below is a widget which you may generate after you have created your account. You can use this to blog and add it on your social network sites like Myspace or Friendster.

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There is also another widget, which is generated from another series of questions similar to the above but is about wishes.

In a nutshell, I believe this site has huge potential and is a cool tool. They better come up with more fun stuff to do on their site moving forward or their popularity might die off. It will no longer have its stickiness factor. We will see about that.


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