Saturday, January 05, 2008

Go Speed Racer Go

Waking up at 6.30 on a Saturday morning ain't my cup of tea and never will be. Staying up late last night for Vietnamese food did not even help either. Well, today is the day of the Go-Kart event that I have been helping my company to organize.

I had to set a good example by being there on time to ensure that everything was properly set up. I hitched a ride from Louise ( A colleague that lives on the road) as my sense of direction is crap even a GPS won't help. Don't judge me! I am making efforts to improve it.

We were at City Karting circuit in Shah Alam Stadium before 8.00 a.m. There were a few hiccups with the company but we eventually started the safety briefing and race at 9.00 a.m.

As I was organizing the event, I did not intend to participate but join the group as there were some no show on that day to make up the crowd (The least they could do was to inform me, losers! as there were others who wanted to join so badly)

I was in group 3 of the mens leg of the race and was driving at my own leisure on the tracks. During the practice round, I couldn't help it but to keep on putting my feet on the brakes whenever I negotiate a corner but got better eventually (It took a little courage to only control the car with just the accelerator).

During the qualifiers, I performed much better but It was never as good as the rest though as I did not qualify even to the semis. I did met to an accident when a kart collided onto me and I was thankful no injuries were obtained by either drivers. The wheel was just spinning next to my helmet which was quite an experience. Luckily that did not stop me from progressing further in the race whereby I manage to do about 6-7 laps in 10 minutes.

Song Yia on the other hand did great in the women's race that she went into the finals. I am confident she would have had a podium finish if it wasn't for the accident during the flag off.

Here are some pics to share of the day but if you only see one picture, that means I haven't finish uploading them yet.

Wearing A Shower Cap

Me Wearing A Shower Cap Before Putting On The Helmet (This is for hygienic reasons)

All and all it was a great day out. I was happy to see the crowd being so competitive and it was also a relief that the event is now over.


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